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Success Statistics

Success Statistics You may have noticed review and testimonial quotes on our course pages, and seen how individual students and clients have been kind enough to give us some valuable feedback. Perhaps you wondered if those were just a few random good quotes, or if people like you are really achieving success with our valuable […]

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Solve The Problem of Learning English with The English Navigator

The Problem

The Problem You probably came here because you want to learn English. Or you want to improve your English. Or you want to take an English test. Or get a job speaking English. However you came here, whatever the reason, welcome! You are not alone. Many people in Turkey want to learn English, including hundreds

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Free Stuff

Free Stuff FREE * STUFF * FREE * STUFF * FREE * STUFF Is there a nicer word in the English language than ‘free’? Courses and classes and private lessons cost money. Unfortunately, they have to. Classrooms are rented, teachers are paid, textbooks are bought. So you want as much education as possible, but it’s

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F.A.Q. Frequently Answered Questions Ok, you made it this far. You still have questions in your mind. You saw all of the contact forms, you just kept reading, and you didn’t leave. We understand. There are so many choices, so many difficult decisions, how do you you know this is the right one for you?

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Information Point at The English Navigator


Info The rest of the site is about the technical detail of the services that we provide and why we provide them. But this is the 21st century, the age of online, and trust is important. None of the other information makes much sense if you don’t know who we are and why you should

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About Us

Now you’ve found us, who are we? About Us What kind of people would want to create an education service? Well, obviously we must be teachers. After all, quite a lot of teachers want to start a school because think they can do better than the schools they work for. Teachers who are sick of

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Contact The English Navigator


Contact Use the contact form – start your journey If you liked one or more of our services then please register your interest. For this we prefer you to use the contact form. It sends us an alert, and it also adds your request to our work queue so it won’t be missed. It also

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Jobs We have just launched and we are not hiring immediately. It is always nice to know who might be interested though, so if you think that you would fit with our philosophy and add value to the services we offer our students, please get in touch. Honestly, we already know a lot of teachers,

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Welcome to The English Navigator


Home Hey, you found us! Does that mean you are ready to achieve your maximum English score? Welcome, it’s great to meet you. Whether you found us through a search, were referred to us by a friend, or accidentally clicked on the wrong link, you have probably got a few questions. Great! We have some

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