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YOS in Ankara? We Are Ready To Deliver

A lot of students come to us for help getting into Turkish universities. Generally we specialize in SAT and ACT for this, because we are experts in English language exams. We work with a lot of international students and sometimes the university is happy to take a Turkish entry exam, so we also offer YOS.

If you are a foreign student from a Turkish speaking country or region, then entering Turkish universities is potentially easier to achieve via a Turkish language test. This is especially popular with students from Turkish speaking countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan. It is also common for students from Turkish speaking areas of Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and Bulgaria. Turkish-speaking citizens from the migrant communities in Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden and other European countries also sometimes prefer to enter university in Turkey rather than in their home country, for example for family reasons. However, if the student comes from country where English is not part of their daily lives or where the cost of going to America, the UK or Europe is a little high, or where there are cultural similarities, why not learn Turkish and choose a Turkish university? There is a rising popularity with students from some African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Egypt and Tunisia for this reason.

The benefit of taking YOS is that it is much easier for a Turkish speaking student to pass an exam in their own language, and it is objectively an easier test than either SAT or ACT. The negative aspect is that YOS is not accepted outside Turkey, so if you are also considering going to university in America, the UK or the European Union, SAT or ACT might be better for you.

Here you can read about the challenges that are waiting for you in the exam. When you are ready to study for your YOS in Ankara, we will be happy to work out the best study programme for you.

What is it?International Students Exam, officiated by Turkish Universities (not the Ministry of Education or Exam Boards).
What is it used for?Applying to Universities for first Degree, usually taken by High School students. The YΓ–S exam is for foreign students at the Turkish universities coming to study Medicine, Law, Psychology, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and many other courses in Turkey.
What is in the exam?SectionFormatTypesTime
Basic Learning Skills Test /
IQ Test
45 IQ questions
35 Mathematics questions
Assesses abstract reasoning.

The questions do not require advanced language understanding, and explanations are provided in both Turkish and English.
90-135 minutes

Turkish Language Proficiency TestVariesAssessment of comprehension level of written Turkish. It is purely for checking that a candidate accepted into a programme delivered in Turkish is ready to start or whether they need extra Turkish tuition.60 Minutes
Total Exam Time1 Hour 30 Minutes – 3 Hours 15 Minutes

How is the test scored?There are two sections in the Official YOS Score Report
What is a good YOS score?A good score on section 1 is decided by the university you are applying to.

A good score on section 2 is a C1 or C2 level proficiency.
General Reasoning / IQ / MathematicsScore RangeDetails
Generally, 40/80 or 50% is considered to be an acceptable passing score. Anything above this is probably going to get you a University place in Turkey.
Turkish Proficiency levels of YΓ–SScore RangeDetails
C295-100Adequate Turkish
C185-94Adequate Turkish
B275-84Can be adequate in Turkish in a short time
B160-74Can be adequate in Turkish in a short time
A230-59Inadequate Turkish
A10-29No Turkish knowledge at all

What are the alternatives?If the University wants you to pass a YOS exam, many will probably accept an SAT or ACT result too. You may also be asked to take a test specific to that institution or organization.

We are happy to help you understand and choose the best exam and course for you.

Contact us for guidance and advice.

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