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PAE exam prep in Ankara? Let’s get started

Around the world a lot of universities offer their own entrance exams. In Ankara a number of universities assess the English level of their international students using a type of CLOZE test that used to be called COPE and is now known as PAE (Proficiency in Academic English). Bilkent University is the primary source for this, but METU, Hacettepe and a few others also use it. Although there are a number of different Preparatory Tests unique to each university, they are fairly similar in format and purpose, so we will focus on PAE for this explanation.

We do a lot of exam preparation for students entering degree or Masters courses at universities in Turkey, and the PAE is a more simple test than most that we teach, so we do offer support on it. Unlike the other exams here, PAE is not supposed to prove a high level of general ability in English. It is not very technical, and it does not test logic or reasoning ability. It is not accepted anywhere outside of the selection of universities that offer it.

If you just want English Proficiency to get into one of these universities, then PAE is probably a much easier route. However, if you are also thinking about applying to universities in America, the UK or the European Union, SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTEA, GRE or GMAT might be better for you.

Below we have described the main tasks involved in the PAE test. When you are ready to study for your PAE in Ankara, we will be happy to work out the best study programme for you.

What is it?Proficiency in Academic English, officiated by Bilkent and some other Turkish Universities (not the Ministry of Education or Exam Boards).
What is it used for?Proving your English language ability for the purpose of attending University courses delivered entirely in English. Students unable to pass this test have to participate in an English Language Preparatory Program. The PAE exam
is designed for students at B2 level in English.
Students already having: IELTS – 6.5 overall, with a minimum of 5.5 on each section or TOEFL iBT – 87 in total do not need to take PAE or enroll in Preparatory Education.Students must pass PAE Stage 1 to be allowed to sit PAE Stage 2 Part A, and must pass PAE Stage 2 Part A to sit PAE Stage 2 Part B.
What is in the exam?SectionFormatTypesTime
PAE Stage 1Multiple choice exam consisting of 200 questions of different levels of difficulty. The
questions are designed to test a student’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
1 hour and 45 minutes
The PAE Stage II Part A assesses Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary.Section 1: The grammar exam consists of two texts

Multiple choice (5 alternatives)1 hour and 45 minutes

Section 2: The vocabulary exam consists of two texts
Section 3: Students are expected to answer multiple
choice questions as they listen to different dialogues.
Listening 1 (40 minutes)
Section 4: Students take notes while listening to a lecture and then answer multiple-choice questions which are distributed after the lecture has finished.Listening 2 (15 minutes)
The PAE Stage II Part B evaluates Writing and Speaking Skills.Writing Exam - Tasks 1 and 2Task 1: write a paragraph of approximately 150 words responding to a prompt

Task 2: from two topics, choose one and write a 350-word essay
1 hour and 35 minutes
Speaking ExamA conversation between the student and the assessor, which is recorded.approximately 7 minutes
Total Exam TimeStage 1: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes
Stage 2: 4 Hours and 22 Minutes

How is the test scored?There are three parts: Stage 1, Stage 2 A and Stage 2 B
What is a good PAE score?A good score on Stage 1 is decided by the university you are applying to. On Stage 2

A good score on Stage 2 A and B a B2 (or higher) level proficiency.
StageScore RangeDetails
Stage 1 - 200 multiple choice questions on grammar and vocabulary.135 / 200 is enough to advance to Stage 2 Part A
Stage 2 - Part A - Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary and Listening B2 Proficiency Level (approximately 60-65%)
Stage 2 - Part B - Writing and Speaking B2 Proficiency Level (approximately 60-65%)

What are the alternatives?If you already have either one of:

IELTS - 6.5 overall, with a minimum of 5.5 on each section on the Academic test

TOEFL - 87 in total (iBT version)

then you can avoid PAE. If not, there are no other entry-level alternatives.

We are happy to help you understand and choose the best exam and course for you.

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