BULATS is discontinued from the end of 2019. It has been replaced with the Linguaskill for Business test. If you have taken a BULATS test and you wish to update, then please contact us.

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BULATS in Ankara – Do you need a Business English Certification?

BULATS is a general business English certification that has been around for longer than most of the competitors. It provides a very broad level of language skills for full competency in an English speaking workplace. It also aims to introduce the cultural use of language in both formal and informal situations. For these reasons it is even more important to get some expert help with your preparation. If you thought about taking BULATS in Ankara, we would love to help you find a suitable alternative test.

Which test is right for you?

There is no clear standard for business English certification. There are too many widely different potential situations where it can be used. Also, the market for businesses and organizations requiring a business English certificate is much smaller than the academic marketplace. Other people considering taking BULATS in Ankara have appreciated our advice. Would you like some expert help too?

Why choose us?

Business English is one of our strongest focus areas. Whichever certificate you are studying for, we can help. We have decades of business experience as business owners, managers, and investors. We have been successful in many different types of business. We are active in the business community in Ankara and other Turkish cities, as well as maintaining strong connections in the UK, the USA and Europe. For business English training in Ankara, there is nobody more experienced than us.

What is it?BUsiness Language And Testing Service, officiated by Cambridge English.
What is it used for?For proof of English ability for career purposes.
What is in the exam?SectionFormatTypesTime
Reading and Listening7 Parts, Adaptive to Student Ability, No Fixed Number of QuestionsCandidates read texts of about 250 words in length60 Minutes
Speaking5 Parts, 15 Questions
Topics include:
• buying and selling
• environment
• entertainment of business clients
• business travel
• human resources
• training and development
Candidates speak into a computer microphone, answers are recorded and sent to examiners for marking.

• Part 1 (Interview)
• Part 2 (Reading Aloud)
• Part 3 (Presentation)
• Part 4
(Presentation with Graphic)
• Part 5 (Communication Activity)
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Coordinate Geometry
Plane Geometry
15 Minutes
WritingTwo PartsCandidates have to write answers using a computer keyboard. Answers are recorded and sent to examiners for marking.
• Part 1 (email)
• Part 2 (Long Text)
45 Minutes
Total Exam Time2 Hours

How is the test scored?The Official BULATS Score Report is delivered instantly, and is given out of a maximum score of 100 points, graded according to the International CEFR standards.
BULATS Score Level DescriptionCEFR Level
90–100Upper advancedC2
60-74Upper IntermediateB2
What is a good BULATS score?There is no pass or fail. A good score is whatever the business or employer you have applied to is asking you to achieve. It doesn’t matter what other people score, it’s all about you against the test.

The BULATS test is designed to provide an objective test of your ability across everyday business English skills.
Excellent Scores90-100Get more than 90 and you are at approximately the same level as a native English speaker. With a score in this range, any institution or organisation asking you to provide a BULATS score will be satisfied.
Good Scores60-89Most of our students are aiming for a score of 60 or more. It is a solid result demonstrating good all round ability, and accepted by most companies that hire foreign workers into international teams using English.
Basic Acceptable Scores40-59If you are only expected to have occasional meetings where the topics are not complicated or advanced, then this score may be enough.
Low Scores39 or lessA score below 39 means you will find it difficult to integrate into an English speaking international team, or work for a foreign company using English. It may be worth studying more and taking the test again to improve your score.

What are the alternatives?If the business or employer wants you to pass a business English exam, there are internationally accepted alternatives in BEC and iTEP. You may also be asked to take a test specific to that institution or organisation.

We are happy to help you understand and choose the best exam and course for you.

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