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Whether you found us through a search, were referred to us by a friend, or accidentally clicked on the wrong link, you have probably got a few questions. Great! We have some questions for you too.

Which use of English is most important for you?

The quick summary is that we help students, workers and anyone interested in learning or improving their use of English language. For listening and speaking, for reading and writing, for every kind of communication or creative task.

We are English language teaching and learning specialists.

The rest of this page should explain the basics, and if you are looking for detailed information the menus above will help you find the right section. We have tried to share everything you could want to know about the exams, the language standards and the various services we provide. If you have any other questions you can use the form below, or the various contact methods on our contacts page.

Ok, so now we have said ‘hi’, let’s get to know each other a little better.

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If you are still reading, it’s probably because you want some help with your English ability. So which type of English learner are you?

Academic English?

Are you a student? Do you need to pass your academic or business English exam?

Want some help to achieve YOUR Maximum English score?

IELTS 6.0+ ?TOEFL 90+ ?PTEA 70+ ?SAT 1,400+ ?ACT 70 + ?GMAT 650 + ?GRE 158 + ?

(and many others such as DLA, IMAT, PAE / COPE – ask if you need help with any English – or English and Maths – exam not mentioned here)

With the right score?

ITEP 5.6 + ?BEC Grade B + ?Linguaskill 180 + ?
BULATS 75 + ?

In time for your University course, new job or promotion?

Meet Your Deadlines with The English Navigator

With a training schedule planned individually for you?

Make effective Plans with The English Navigator

We help a lot of different types of people to solve their English language learning problems.

[needs picture here of diverse group of people – students, different workers, retired, male and female – or some similar diverse idea]

General English?

Do you lack confidence? Would you like special assistance?

  • people who are just starting out and need a mix of English and Turkish to help with understanding basic grammar and vocabulary
  • people who learned English a long time ago and want to recover their previous ability
  • people who know enough grammar and vocabulary but are afraid to speak
  • people trying to improve a previous score from one of the popular English exams

Sometimes it can be more problematic. Many people come to us after failing elsewhere.

  • people who are recovering from a bad teaching experience
  • people who paid for a course or class but the school or private teacher didn't deliver it, or didn't know how to deliver it
  • people who became stressed or depressed and gave up because they couldn't make any progress in developing English language skills

Business English?

[needs picture here of business english students / class]

What if you are trying to find English for work?

  • people preparing for an interview or job application
  • people working in international teams
  • people in military or diplomatic work

We have had some great successes for these people too.

Then there are the more complex cases.

  • people preparing to present in English at a conference or seminar
  • people sending papers to journals for publication in English
  • people editing literary works, needing to find the right vocabulary, phrasing and structure

Good news, we've helped others to deliver great work, we can help you too.

We have a mission to raise standards and results

in 2013 we started teaching all these things.

We saw a lot of very basic and standard teaching methods and materials in the private language schools, and a lot of unhappy students, teachers and managers.

"Houston, we have a problem"

We decided not to do things the way the other schools and teachers do them, and quite quickly we saw big improvements in results and student happiness.

Remember, you are not spending your money just to pass time in some classroom or lesson. You need to achieve your maximum English score in order to take your next step in life.

It's not about you getting a certificate or a university place or a job. It's about your future success and happiness AFTER those things.

Solving your English challenge is what we are here for, and we have seen a lot of different situations and issues.

Over the next few years one by one we solved each of these English learning areas, and perfected our teaching method.

Now we can show you how to beat the tests, pass interviews, impress at seminars or in meetings, and a lot more.

Welcome to The English Navigator

We have helped many others

We can help you

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But before you do ...

It is important that we share the same goals.

We really want to help people ...

... who really want to get results.

So unfortunately,

  • If you are happy drifting from course to course, class to class, teacher to teacher, giving each one a try to see if somehow you can get a magical result, then this is not for you.
  • If you are happy to keep changing schools and teachers without understanding what is good and bad about them and whether they suit you, then this is not for you.
  • If you are not very interested in hard work, studying and giving your effort to invest in your future, then this is not for you.

We respect your time and money, and we don't want to take either of them if you are not ready to make a real difference to your English language ability. It is important to keep remembering that you are improving your English to make a difference to your life, not to temporarily fill a classroom seat with your body and to fill someone's pockets with your hard-earned money.

The choice is yours

There are plenty of other private language schools and private language teachers who will happily take your money and not care about what happens to you when the classes finish, just do a quick internet search or a stroll around the city centre or your local centre and you will easily find many to choose from.

But ...

  • If you are tired of not making any progress
  • If you have tried different schools or teachers without success
  • If you lost your money and time and are no closer to that university place, that job, that foreign visa
  • If you are worried about not getting the test score you need

then come and achieve your maximum English score.

"Beam me up Scotty!"

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