Literary Editorial

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Literary Editorial

Creative writing techniques: tell your story

If you are writing poetry, short stories, novels or other literary works, you will be focused on translating your imagination to the page. If you have an aim to publish these, you will have to work with an editor. The job of the editor is to ensure that

  • your narrative is focused and logical
  • it flows easily and naturally
  • keeps the same voice and style
  • is neither too brief or too verbose, conforming to reasonable word limits
  • follows editorial guidelines for the publishing house

among many other criteria.

How can we help?

We have taught many creative writing classes in Ankara. These are different from purely academic or business English writing. They are for students who need creative writing techniques. People who have good control of basic technical English. People who want to explore the more advanced skills. The lyrical language of poetry and prose. The shaping of narrative through crafting scenes and transitions. The sharing of ideas through metaphor and other literary devices. Our students enjoyed them and produced some interesting work.

We have also edited novels for publication in Turkey. We understand how to reduce unnecessary language. How to make small changes that improve the flow without affecting the story. How to bring out your best ideas and put them into words.

If you would like some help in writing or editing your work, either in your creative process or in the editorial process, perhaps we can be of service.

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