University Process

University Process - The English Navigator

University Process

So you have decided to go to university? Now what?

Preparing yourself to apply to university can be very stressful.

  • Which programme of study should you choose?
  • Something your parents want, or something you want?
  • Something close to home or far away, perhaps abroad?
  • How many universities should you apply to and which ones?
  • Do you know how to research and understand their offers?
  • Do you have the necessary GPA, language skills, experience, finances?
  • Do you know how to select the right course and complete the application form?
  • Can you complete any personal statements, statement of purpose, motivation letter, subject essays, video or audio recordings?
  • Do you know how to find a scholarship, and successfully complete the application form, essays, or other supporting information?
  • Are you ready to be interviewed, answering critical questions effectively and asking a few good ones of your own?
  • Do you know how to research visa requirements, accommodation, travel, banking, insurance and a host of other potential challenges?

Ok, Ok, Enough questions !

Relax, we have helped students just like you to go to universities in Turkey or abroad to the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan and many more. Where do you want to apply to university?

How will you choose your University and course?

How will you choose your course - The English Navigator

For study, we will help you understand how to choose the right university for your needs, anywhere in the world. Unlike most of the Yurt Disi offices, we have no contractual links to any universities. We receive no payment for pushing you into choosing a particular one. Don't lose your money and your future by taking the wrong path.

We will help you make the best choice for yourself based on your criteria. We have checklists and processes and lots of contacts, and we can help you manage your applications to a successful conclusion.

When do you need to start?

When will you start university - The English Navigator

Application deadlines, interview dates, payment deadlines, course start dates, exam booking dates, it can all become confusing and stressful. Let us help you plan and make all the arrangements so everything gets done on time.

Understand Application Criteria

Make a Successful Application with The English Navigator

We can help you identify which exams and what test scores are required, what GPA they are expecting and what to do if your GPA is not high enough. Also what finances are required, and lots of other important questions.

Application Forms

When you apply to university even the forms can be difficult. We can help you understand what the questions mean, how to answer them effectively, and how to improve your chances of being accepted.

CV Review

Expert CV or Resume Review and Preparation
with The English Navigator

Nobody writes their own CV well. We can re-write your CV to reveal the real you, the very best version of yourself, so that universities will really understand your abilities and experience and why they should take you.

Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter / Essays

Create an Effective Motivation Letter, Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose with The English Navigator

You may need to submit written work in support of your application. We can advise on how to do this to a very high standard.

Interview Preparation

We have both practical experience and a range of psychological techniques to help you to feel relaxed and confident during your interview, and to make sure that you don't throw away any opportunities by saying the wrong things or not knowing what to say.


We can help you check if scholarships are available, what types and conditions they are, and how to apply for them. You may not need the money, but if it is available it may be worth applying for anyway.

Obviously we can't answer every single question and situation here. There are too many. But if you have questions that are worrying you and you want some help, get in touch.

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