ACTFL – CEFR – ILR Conversion

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ACTFL – CEFR – ILR Conversion

Not sure how to compare language standards?

Not sure whether you are going to Europe or the USA? Whether you are interested in academic or business English, this rough conversion table will help you understand your ability in each standard framework.

Receptive Skills – Reading and Listening
Productive Skills – Speaking and Writing
Rating on ACTFL Assessment (LPT, RPT or L&Rcat)Corresponding CEFR RatingCorresponding ILR RatingRating on ACTFL Assessment (OPI, OPIc or WPT)Corresponding CEFR RatingCorresponding ILR Rating
Advanced HighC1.13Advanced HighC13/3+
Advanced MidB22/2+Advanced MidB2.22+
Advanced LowB1.2-Advanced LowB2.12
Intermediate HighB1.11+Intermediate HighB1.2-
Intermediate MidA21Intermediate MidB1.11+
Intermediate LowA1.2- Novice High
Novice HighA1.1-Novice High
Novice Mid
0-Novice Mid
Novice Low0-Novice Low0-

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