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Special VIP Services – Would you like an upgrade?

When you come to us, you bring your own special situation and needs. Every person is an individual, so we don’t have a standard service that suits everyone. Each person gets different treatment based on their own particular requirements. We have a number of special VIP Services which we have developed as a result of helping many people who needed our support.

We hope we can help you too. We know that you have probably had standard treatment elsewhere. Fixed course. Fixed hours. Fixed materials. No pre-care. No after-care.

We actually care (about you, not your money)

Relax. For us it’s not about selling you more hours. It’s not about making you repeat the same mindless exercises over and over again. It is all about getting you the result you need. Our special VIP Services only work if we can help you move forward with your life. If we don’t think we can solve your problem, we don’t want your money.

We know it’s unusual. Everyone is trying to get the most money from you, and they only want to offer the least service to get it. We have heard the stories of how others work, we have seen some of the disappointed people at the end of their courses (and the end of their money).

Here is the difference we are offering.

Imagine that these other schools and yurt disi offices were taxi firms. They would offer a nice scenic ride around the city, and then force you to get out wherever your money runs out. It could be anywhere. There is a small chance it is where you asked to go. There is a bigger chance it is very far from where you wanted to be taken. For many. it will be right back where you started. Is that the experience you are looking for? Really?

What we are offering is a short and efficient ride that gets you where you need to be. Ok, you might have to direct the driver a little, and you won’t see as much of that nice but irrelevant scenery along the way, but you will have a much greater chance of getting to your chosen destination. We think that is what you want to pay for when you choose a teaching or support service.

Price too high and quality too low? It is not VIP

For us it is results first, money second. We are not cheap, but neither are we the most expensive. It is really surprising to see some of the very expensive services being offered that deliver no useful results at all. We know of schools charging over 5 times our price, but with an 80% failure rate. Let’s process that for a moment. 5 times the price for the same service, but with only 20% of students getting results that allow them to move to the next stage of their lives. To be clear, that does not mean 20% getting a great result and their first choice university or immigration visa or job. Many of that 20% just get a useful result that can take them somewhere they can continue their studies or working lives. Even worse, for the 80%, there is no continuing care, no advice, no support. Just pay for a repeat of that same expensive and useless service, or go away.

Advertised quality high but price too low? It is not VIP

The flip side of that is the huge number of schools and yurt disi offices which advertise and think of themselves as VIP, but then discount their offer to death. If you really believe in your value, why would you cut the price by giving a 50% – 80% discount? Do you see that on Business or First Class seats on flights? Do you see Mercedes offering Fiat prices? No you don’t, and there is a reason for that. People are happy to pay the price of a product or service that they feel it is worth. You can advertise it as a Mercedes, you can give test drives to introduce people to the car, but if they buy one and drive it and it gives a Fiat experience, you aren’t really selling a Mercedes. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with Fiat, if you are expecting a Fiat and you pay a Fiat price. After all, nobody likes to over-pay, or worse, to feel tricked.

So how do we work?

First, everything we just talked about is just a basic service. We would not call any of it worthy of the term VIP. Our service goes way beyond that.

Second, the main indication that it is VIP is no discounting. We don’t make it unaffordable, but we do believe in what we offer, so there is no need to discount it.

Third, we limit the number of people we work with and make it personal. It is a Very Important Person process, so we choose who we work with and focus on learning who they are and what result they must achieve. You can’t call it VIP is you are in a room crowded with people and everyone is special.

Fourth, we offer a select menu of high value services. Each item is a valuable in itself, but when combined they produce even more effective results. We don’t tell you what you should take. We advise on what will contribute to your personal goals, and you can decide how much you will do and how much you will take from us.

You can take a complete end-to-end service from us, or pick and choose just the parts that interest you. Our menu includes

  • Define Your Personal Goal.
    • Do you really need to take an exam?
    • If yes, which exam should it be?
    • What other preparation is required?
    • What are your options?
  • What is your ability now?
    • We will give you a Placement Test, or perform other assessments to determine your strengths and weaknesses. We can then tell you whether your goal is realistic, and prepare a plan or advise you about alternatives.
  • Where will you study or work?
    • For work, we help you understand your career potential and options.
    • For study, we will help you understand how to choose the right university for your needs, anywhere in the world. We have no links to any universities, we receive no payment for pushing you into choosing a particular one, we just help you make the best choice for yourself.
  • When do you need to start?
    • Application deadlines, interview dates, payment deadlines, course start dates, exam booking dates, it can all become confusing and stressful. Let us help you plan and make all the arrangements so everything gets done on time.
  • Understand Application Criteria
    • We can help you identify which exams and what test scores are required, what GPA they are expecting and what to do if your GPA is not high enough. Also what finances are required, and lots of other important questions.
  • CV Review
    • Nobody writes their own CV well. We can re-write your CV to reveal the real you, the very best version of yourself, so that universities or employers will really understand your abilities and experience.
  • Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose / Essays
    • You may need to submit written work in support of your application. We can advise on how to do this to a very high standard.
  • Application Forms
    • We can help you understand what the questions mean, how to answer them effectively, and how to improve your chances of being accepted.
  • Scholarships
    • We can help you check if scholarships are available, and how to apply for them. You may not need the money, but if it is available it may be worth applying for.
  • Scholarship Essays
    • We will help you to interpret the questions, understand what they are really asking for, then create essays which meet the requirements and help you to quickly gain acceptance for funding.

Need another service that is not listed here? No problem, we are very creative and we should be able to solve it.

There are over 200 countries, and each country has multiple visa programmes. There are thousands of universities and colleges, each with hundreds of courses and classes. There are thousands of different funding and financing programmes, both state and private, each with their own special terms and conditions. There are countless employers and job descriptions.

All of these are changing and updating at least every year, and usually much more frequently. There are new programmes and cancellations, and quotas and limits. How can you keep up with all of that?

If you work with us, you won’t have to. We will help you make a plan and focus on what is important at each stage. We will guide you through this maze and help you reach your goals within the deadlines for each part. Obviously it is has to be a flexible service, because it is personal to you and is delivered in a highly dynamic environment, so we can’t detail everything involved here. We can say that based on the experience of previous students and clients, it will reduce your stress and prevent you being overwhelmed by the pressure and bureaucracy.

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