Job Process

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Job Process

Are you going to apply for a job in English, or with an international business or organization that uses English as the working language?

  • Do you need help to understand what is required?
  • Do you understand which business or academic English certificates are expected?
  • Do you know how to research their business and industry and identify opportunities for your career?
  • Do you know how to understand and align with their culture?
  • Are you ready to be interviewed, answering critical questions effectively and asking a few good ones of your own?
  • If the position involves moving abroad, do you know how to research visa requirements, accommodation, travel, banking, insurance and a host of other potential challenges?

Relax ...

When you apply for a job with our support it becomes much easier. You can use our experience and contacts to make the whole process simple and effective.

We are business owners and entrepreneurs with decades of cross-cultural experience. We have built and managed businesses in the UK and Turkey including software development, recruitment agency, sales and marketing consultancy, management and employee training, business strategy consultancy focusing on human resources, and life coaching.

We have seen all sides of the process

We have applied for many jobs and attended many interviews, we have interviewed and hired many employees, and we have advised many people and helped them to find work.

There is not much we haven't experienced. Added to that, in one of our other businesses we are Human Resources consultants, specializing in organizational change. Whether it is legal process, psychometric testing, team dynamics or skills training, we have seen it all.

When do you need to start?

Application deadlines, interview dates, payment deadlines, course start dates, exam booking dates, it can all become confusing and stressful. Let us help you plan and make all the arrangements so everything gets done on time.

Understand Application Criteria

We can help you to decode job advertisements, to understand what is really being asked by the prospective employer. Often the things that are not mentioned are as or more important than the things they do say. We will also identify which exams and what test scores are required, what other experience or skills they are expecting and what to do if you don't have everything they say they need.

Application Forms

We can help you understand what the questions mean, how to answer them effectively, and how to improve your chances of being accepted.

CV Review

Nobody writes their own CV well. We can re-write your CV to reveal the real you, the very best version of yourself, so that the employer can really understand your abilities and experience and why they should take you.

Supporting Documentation

You may need to submit evidence of identity, qualifications, English language proficiency skills, visa status, criminal records, medical status, or many types of other information. We can help you to interpret and prepare all of this.

Interview Preparation

We have both practical experience and a range of psychological techniques to help you to feel relaxed and confident during your interview, and to make sure that you don't throw away any opportunities by saying the wrong things or not knowing what to say. Use our huge experience to improve your interview technique in English.

Offer Acceptance

If you have received an offer and you are not sure what the terms mean, we can help you interpret and negotiate. There may be things that are standard for work in Turkey that are not offered abroad, or things that are standard abroad that are not usually offered in Turkey. There may also be nice optional extras to ask for, if you know what to say.

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