Conference Presentations

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Conference Presentations

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Presenting your paper

When people are asked about things that make them afraid, one of the top answers is 'speaking in public'.

How comfortable are you on a stage, in front of a large audience?

Especially if these people are your peers, working in the same industry or organization as you. Presenting your paper to a live crowd with everyone judging you and waiting for your mistakes can be very stressful.

Even worse, if it is being broadcast live or recorded for later sharing. People in your industry or workplace will see it over and over again. They will share it with friends, and add comments. Or perhaps things will be ok.

If you are preparing a presentation you are probably confident that you know your subject. You are confident that you can talk about it in your own language. How about presenting it in English?

  • Can you translate it accurately?
  • Can you catch the same ideas and meanings in the English version?
  • Are you able to fluently move from slide to slide keeping the narrative flow?
  • Does your vocabulary and phrasing deliver the most impact?
  • Does it have the correct balance between seriousness and humor?

This is not the same as English styles used in academic or general business English. It is not just technical, it is cultural and emotional.

We are confident and skilled public speakers, and we regularly give seminars and conference presentations to students, businesses and government organizations. We have helped a number of people to prepare and submit conference presentations to mixed international audiences, with great success.

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