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Business English is a special case, requiring a lot of special vocabulary and some cultural knowledge. Many business people come to us because they want to work for a foreign company outside of Turkey, perhaps in the USA, UK or EU. Sometimes it is because they are staying in Turkey but have to work in international teams where English is the common language. There is a clear need for business English training. Business English is very different from academic English. To understand the daily use of English in a business setting is challenging.

  • Are you ready for business idioms?
  • Are you ready for specialist technical language, perhaps around scientific, engineering, financial or legal terminology?

We can help you navigate these challenges

  • Working Abroad
  • Have you thought about the cultural differences and daily life issues you may have to deal with?

We can talk through these and help you research the right places to live and prepare properly for your move.

  • Working in Turkey with International Companies and Teams
  • Are you exchanging documents, emails and chat messages in English?
  • Are you joining video conferences in English?
  • Do you want to use the right vocabulary, the right tone of voice, and communicate clearly and effectively?

Business English training and certification may be right for you.

Use our international knowledge and experience.

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