Pass Your Academic English Exams with The English Navigator


You need to choose an Academic English certificate.

Which one is right for you?

  • How advanced does it need to be?
  • Will it support an academic course (Degree, Masters, MBA, Ph.D.)?
  • Will it be used to support employment or immigration and visa requirements?
  • Will it be accepted internationally or just in Turkey?
  • How long does it need to be valid for?
  • What type of English tests will it include?
  • Will it also include maths?

In the following pages we present some information about each of the main exams, what they include, how they are scored, and why you might want to take one. It is not easy to choose an academic English certificate to study for. There are many types, with many formats. Some are more suited to visa applications, others for university applications. A few are suitable for gaining work.

We are happy to help you understand and choose.

Contact us for guidance and advice.

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